Where to Stay in Dorset

If you are visiting Dorset, whether on a weekend getaway with your better half, a solo adventure, or with the whole family, if you are looking for a fun-filled vacation, there are a variety of options in terms of where to stay`:

Cottage Holidays

If you and your friends, or your family, are looking for a more rural, secluded experience, Dorset has many cottages for rent. There are cottages of all sizes in various locations. Many enjoy the character cottages on the Isle of Purbeck. Others enjoy cottages that are converted old barns that have been completely redone and now feature indoor spas, pools, games room and other amenities. Some cottages are less fancy, and cater more to those looking for a rustic experience, offering simplicity and tranquility along with panoramic and magnificent views.


If you are looking to stay in a hotel, there are many to choose from. Some of the most popular hotels are those located along the sea, including at the summit of Portland. This offers guests amazing coastal views.

Hotels offer the convenience of location and amenities. There are simple hotels for those who are just stopping by, or for those who don’t care for fancy or over the top. These hotels are more affordable.

There are also more upscale or luxurious hotels. These may offer more amenities, better views, better dining, etc, and can be romantic and relaxing.


Dorset boasts lush greenery and offers a great opportunity and conditions for camping. There are family parks with pools, and camp sites where nature is all that surrounds you.

If you like the idea of camping, but maybe aren’t totally in to the idea of sleeping on the ground, try glamping! This makes camping more upscale but offers you the intimacy with nature that you’re looking for.

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