Where to Eat in Dorset


The geographic location of Dorset makes it an unparalleled foodie heaven. The ingredients are fresh and often local. Depending on what you are looking for, Dorset boasts a wide variety of restaurants:

  • Pubs; like in many other UK towns, there are a wide variety of traditional British pubs with unique British fare. The Sandford Pub and The Saxons Arms are two popular and tasty food pubs.
  • Inns and Bed and Breakfasts; there are many quaint and cozy inns that offer fantastic local fare and innovative dishes. The Halfway Inn, The Greyhound Inn, The Coast Restaurant and The Grand Hotel, are among the hotels that are worth visiting for their amazing food.
  • Upscale and Fine Dining; when you feel like treating yourself, visit one of the more esteemed restaurants. These chefs bring the food to life in creative and tasty ways. There are a number of fine dining establishments within Dorset, each of which has its own reputation and claim to fame.

Cafes and Coffee Shops

There is no shortage of places to stop and grab a coffee and/ or a snack in Dorset. The Wishing Well and Tea Gardens is a unique spot to grab a freshly ground coffee and a pastry. The setting is beautiful, and the building is both historic and picturesque. The Key West Bar and Grill is more modern, but boasts panoramic views of the Bay, and is arguably one of the most relaxing cafes in Dorset.

Coffee is an art in the UK, so you will find fresh ground coffee in many local spots, make sure to try it and to appreciate it.


Beer is a staple in the UK, so make sure you try a local brew when you visit Dorset. There are many places to do so, and to enjoy drinks in a relaxing setting. Older pubs offer a cultural peep into the past, and newer bars offer a more contemporary way to indulge.

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