Things to Do in Dorset

Outdoor Activities

Dorset’s coastal and geographic location make it ideal for some amazing outdoor adventures. Kayaking, Coasting, climbing and hiking, are all within the scope of adventure that Dorset has to offer. There are several organizations that can and will help you plan your outdoor adventures; and there are also many guides and organized tours. There are also companies where you can rent the equipment you need to have an adventure without a guide, on your own.

Check with local resources to choose the organization and the adventure that suits your needs and desires.


Head to the harbour and head out sailing. Whether sailing is second nature to you, or you have never sailed in your life, there is an adventure for you. There are tour groups, boats to rent on your own, and adventures of varying lengths for various purposes.


The greenery of Dorset is not reserved just for the forest, check out Dorset’s beautiful golf, and enjoy fabulous views and a relaxing sport. There are day long packages, and even dinner and golf packages.

Historic Buildings

Check out Lulworth castle or any of the historic buildings that Dorset boasts. Take a trip back in time and learn about the city and area’s rich and deep history.


There are many unique boutiques and shops to visit and browse through. Handbags, souvenirs, clothing, anything you may be looking for.

There is also a weekly market populated by local vendors who offer amazing products and unique handmade events.

Farms and Zoos

Check out some of the local farms, some of which are open to the general public to visit and explore.


Ziplining is increasingly popular and offers a great way to get an adrenaline rush and see the entire city from above the trees.


The historic area is full of natural history and stories; and as such, you can find fossils or remains within the city limits.

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