Dorset Walking Tours

Walking tours and vacations are a popular way to see and experience all that Dorset and it’s beautiful surroundings have to offer. These walking tours offer a unique way to see Dorset as you stroll through trails made by experts, or walk by the river and into the city. There are a variety of ways to see Dorset on foot:

Daily Walks;

Keep a home base and walk anywhere between 5 and 7 miles with or without a guided tour. There are various trails both in and out of the city. These trails are different in length, and in what you will see and experience. It can be helpful to read reviews and consult experts to help you pick the right one for you.

Walking Trips;

Walk for the day, then cozy up in a local country inn. Explore some where new everyday. If you choose to go without a guide, make sure you know and carefully plan your route before leaving or embarking on the trip.

Many people decide to do two or three day trips, but there is always the option to spend longer, becoming one with nature.

Trail to trail;

Similar to the walking trips, but with a guide who takes you from inn to inn, your luggage and bags preceding you. There are options in terms of distance as well as the chance to rest or take a day or two off.

The geographic location of Dorset is ideal for walking. The lush greenery and nature that makes Dorset famous is best seen up close. Walking is a great way to see the wildlife, the different plants, animals and even fossils that Dorset has to offer. There are a number of well versed and experienced companies and independent guides that are both informed and experienced and that can help you successfully walk through the county.

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