What to Do in Dorset- Food and Drink Events

Wine Tasting

There are a handful of wineries and wine estates sprinkled across the Dorset community. These are great places for those fond of wine, or those looking to get more familiar with wine.

These wineries and wine estates often hold events including dinners with wine tastings and pairings.

Check out local event listings and winery websites and social media for more information.

Comedy Dinners

Why not combine good food with great laughs?

If you are looking for something unique to do in the evening with your significant other, best friend or family, check out or look for local restaurants hosting comedy dinners.

Food and Drink Festivals

The popularity of local wineries, distilleries and breweries has brought to fruition several drink festivals. These take place sporadically throughout the year, and are put on at a variety of locations, depending on the time of year and size of events.

There are also food festivals and events. Some are more tame, others for the more adventurous, but either way, these are a great way to try and experience local chefs, vendors and makers. It is also a great opportunity to showcase local talent.

Food and Drink Workshops

Whether you like baking, poaching, basting or frying, cooking and baking workshops are a great activity in a town as food friendly as Dorset.

Take the opportunity to interact with first-class local chefs and cooks, and learn new cooking techniques and dishes, all while having fun. These workshops vary in size and scope, and can be an affordable way to spend a day in the community.

Food is a huge part of life in Dorset, the inspiration comes from all over, and it is a great city to diversify your palette and taste. Take advantage of the flavours and all that Dorset has to offer your belly.

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