Dorset Attractions

Attractions are not lacking in Dorset. You won’t run out of places to go or visit during your stay or visit in Dorset. Some of the places you can’t miss include:


It goes without saying that any castle is worth a visit, but in Dorset, the castles are very impressive. There are actually 15 castles and forts in Dorset including:

  • Lulworth Castle
  • Corfe Castle
  • Nothe Fort
  • Durlston Country Park
  • Highcliffe Castle
  • Sherborne Castle
  • Sandsfoot Castle
  • Portland Castle
  • Eggardon
  • Hambledon & Hod Hills
  • Sherborne Old Castle
  • ChristChurch Castle
  • Maiden
  • Badbury Rings
  • The Normal House

Many of these are free, or cost very little to enter, but are definitely worth a visit!


The beaches in Dorset are famous, and travelers visit from across the country and world to enjoy them. Boasting over 29 beaches, Dorset’s coastline is crystal clear. The beaches are scattered with coves, and there are different natural structures to be explored.

Most of them are free, and those that do have an entry fee, are very affordable. Some beaches are more commercial, offering visitors an abundance of amenities including food and drink, and others are more secluded and offer the opportunity to be one with nature and the natural surroundings.

Animals and Creatures

The animals and living things found across Dorset are intriguing and interesting to many. There are farms that offer an opportunity to meet and interact with different animals while also learning about life on the farm.

There is also the opportunity to watch badgers and learn all about these amazing creatures.

If monkeys are your thing, check out the ape rescue centre, where apes are rehabilitated and treated to a good life. You can visit and learn about the apes and their stories.

There are also aquariums and sea adventure parks offering the opportunity to explore the creatures below the sea.

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