What to do in Dorset- The Art Scene

Art is threaded into the culture and personality of Dorset. It is such a cultural pillar, that it is nearly impossible to miss it unless you try. If you are looking to get a taste of the art in the community, consider checking out one of the following:


During the winter, Dorset’s International Centre becomes a fun skating rink. It is the biggest in the South, and offers fun for the entire family for a very reasonable price.

Art Shows

Dorset is an art driven community with dozens of art shows and exhibitions. There are local artists who create paintings, jewelry, and portraits. Check local gallery listings for more information.

Students, schools, amateurs, part-time artists and experts, are amongst those whose arts and pieces you can see, buy, and explore across the community.


There are different shows that take place in Dorset each year. There are large productions as well as small, school shows. Whatever you are interested in, you can likely find a show to suit your needs.

Check local listings for the shows that are on in Dorset upon your visit or stay.


Dorset is a popular spot for hosting dance events, including such events as:

  • The UK Dance Championship- which is a competition for the best of the best in the ballroom world.


Local artists, big names, individual singers, full orchestras and choirs. – Dorset has a variety of live music and concerts to offer. Concerts are held at local halls and event venues, but also at pubs, restaurants and smaller venues.

No matter what genre or genres you are interested in or enjoy, there are always concerts that you will love.


Comedy clubs and comedy tours are popular for those who are interested in live performances that will make them laugh all night.

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